Lungo Po Abellonio – Green wire

The evaluations that have led to the identification of the main objectives of the project move from data collection and in situ measurements that were conducted investigating the the following topics: hydrological and geomorphological context, vegetation aspects, climate and microclimate urban issues, accessibility and use of the areas.
The informations have not been collected uncritically, but selected and crossed between them in order to develop a right information to understand the main problems and potential of the site.
The range of the project, despite involving a limited area (about 6.9 ha) between the Po river and the historical town of Moncalieri, is a piece of considerable interest compared to a territorial context of wide area (the analysis was conducted at 1:100000 scale and reproduced in scale 1:250000).
The assessments at the scale of the context were conducted by analysis of cartography in scale 1:5000 reproduced in scale 1:10000.
You have chosen to deal with the analysis in the light of some strategic issues, in order to understand the relationship of cause and effect that the continuous modification of the territory linked to the urban development induced on the natural system, and define, the terms in which also the area object of study may have been disturbed by these processes.
From the point of view of perceptual quality has been chosen to carry out a field survey, adopting a method of physiognomical analysis that it is focused on two scales of reading territory: an overall scale, in order to recognize the main landscape patterns, and a scale of proximity, applied exclusively to a series of significant stations because of their panoramic views, which were identified visual cones.
The project will help to improve the ecological characteristics mainly in reference to five ecosystem services, which are hierarchized according to the following scale of priority: stormwater drainage, regulation of microclimate, air filtration trough vegetation, reduction of noises, perceptive, social and cultural values.