Ex-Lanificio Piacenza area (Biella)

The purpose of the project is to provide the city centre of a new social space and at the same time restore the historical memory of the place through the creation of a garden.
The project is an integral part of the thesis with the title “L’area dell’Ex-Lanificio Piacenza (Biella): linee guida per il progetto”.
Since my goal was to perform a work related to the Biella area, where I live, I decided to focus my thesis on the area of the ex-lanificio Piacenza, as it could represent an opportunity for me, to offer a contribution to the inprovement of the perception of urban amenities.
The area in question has a high potential that is currently not being exploited: although situated to the historical center of Biella.
The analysis was carried out with general reference to the town of Biella, then the field of view was restricted to the area of San Sebastiano, considering the historical-artistic aspect.
After a careful analysis of cartographic aspects inherent morphological and climate aspects at both on large and punctual scales attention will be paid to the anthropological aspect with direct observation and field’s interviews.
Once completed the analysis phase and evaluated the potential of the site, you will have the knowledge and information sufficient to take the rigth design choices of the project.
In the end has been prepared an analysis of the costs of implementation.