Requalification of the Citadel in Alessandria

The project aims at reviving some civilian and military aspects of life within the fortress, and develop the ecological, the rural and the recreative topics. In the center of the Citadel, the original military square, the versatile and unified green space in designed to accommodate the market for Alessandria, festivals, flower fairs, concerts, events, horse races, that are so connected with the area of the equestrian training field inside the moat, an essential step of the route by horse, wich also includes a visual overview of the cultivated fields of the glacis in the North.The whole circle of the bastions is pedestrian and it is a park at the level of the old banquette, where one an walk or go training. From the top of the Southern cavalier a typical panoramical point, from which one can see Alessandria and its other fortress, has been designed. In the East of the main entrance a green playground area with a reconstruction of the Citadel and a chessboard with life-sized moving soldiers is designed to relax and play; also an interactive space in the North shows the techniques of attack and defense of the Citadel, simulated by cannon balls hanging from a rope and soldiers who fall down and can get up.With the introduction of such recreational economically profitable activities and the market of exclusive gourmet products, sold under the brand “Citadel Of Alessandria”, we aim at supporting the cost of properly scheduled significant renovations, which will bring back to life this place that has been abandoned. This project has attended 7th “Rosa Barba” European Landscape Award during the Barcelona European Landscape Biennial.